Sunday, February 28, 2016

helping HRI

I still feel a little weird, on the outside looking back to my time at Housing Resources. You know when something in your life happens, and then your life changes drastically and all that happened before seems like a lifetime ago? That's what it is like.

I've been trying to think back, to find a good story to write about to inspire you to make a donation to the WALK to end homelessness. But when I think back to that part of my life, all the stories start to run together. They morph into one giant faceless person, with tears in their eyes and a broken heart. No place to call home and no one else to turn to but the strange and slightly awkward me, asking them questions. 

A part of me thinks it is terrible that it is sort of one giant blob. Sure, there are some stories that stick out, but none you haven't already heard. There are no other events, collections and efforts you haven't already supported. 

Maybe the point in being in a new life now isn't to look back and remember all the people in need I met and their terrible stories, but to be able to help them in a different way now. I still struggle with leaving the non-profit world for the for-profit world. Some days I feel guilty. Some days I don't. But most importantly, every day I'm thankful for the new opportunity I was given and that I don't have to put myself in dangerous situations to help someone in need anymore.

I'm on the other side now, because there are people who are still there, putting their blood, sweat and tears into housing someone in need. And the line of people is never ending, here in our little Kalamazoo. So help me give back to the place that helps people find their home, helps them stabilize and find a better life. Even though I'm not there anymore, I know the homeless blob still exists, and they need people like you and me to support them.

Click HERE to go to my fundraising page to make a donation or register to WALK.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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